As a result of this medical treatment, Emaho has decided to rest from the tour until the July 2019 Munchenstein Summer Workshop to recover fully

Last update: June 3rd 2018

From Emahó

" Since the dawn of time, our bodies have been at war with foreign bacteria and viruses.
Since the dawn of knowingness,
our minds have been at war with uneasy questions.
Since the dawn of wants,
we've been at war with ignorance,
which has not had the time or knowingness
to realize that we have finally ended up at war
only with ourselves - called death

So I ask you
what is it that you always wanted to hold in the palm
of your hand since your birth?
Wood? Metal?
Another Hand ?

| Emaho


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"Winds of your Heart"
This book of Emahó's teachings, the first in a series, includes chapters on getting connected with life, prayer, the living sacraments, finding someone to love, hurt and disappointment, forgiveness, the preciousness of life, and becoming a better "sailor" in life.

" Der Wind des Herzens"
(deutsche Übersetzung von The Winds of Your Heart)
"L'élan de votre coeur"
(version française traduite de The Winds of Your Heart)

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